Panel Core Options

LPCB Approved Fire Rated Rockwool Core

Mineral wool fibre insulant comprises of mineral rock fibres bonded together with thermo setting resins to form the insulant materials.

The superior fire ratings and the non-combustibility of the mineral wool make this pannel especially suitable for high fire risk locations or any area where cooking is prevalent.

Mineral wool also has excellent acoustic propertities which are ideal dor dampening sound around noisey machinery or for the use in sound studios.

Mineral wool is suitable for chill and ambient temperatures, not freezer applications.


LPCB Approved Fire Rated PIR (Polyisocyanurate)

PIR is manufactured from a mixture of polyol and MDI and a number of additives to produce highly cross-linked polymers with a closed cell structure.

The excellent thermal performance and the good shear and tensile strength make the PIR panel ideal for freezers, chill stores and areas of high humidity.


LPCB Approved EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

EPS is a lightweight cellular plastic material created by the addition of pentane as an expanding agent to a styrene monomer.

The main benefits of EPS panel are its lightweight, strength and cost effectivness, making it most suitable for areas such as stand alone cold and chill stores, areas of high moisture and low/no fire risk.


LPCB Approved XPS (Styrofoam)

XPS is based on the same raw materials as EPS and is manufactured by a continuous extrusion process, in which blowing agents are added to produce a rigid closed cell, homogenous material.

The superior strength and high humidity resistance make XPS panels ideal candidates for cold stores and areas with high moisture applications.