Hygienic PVC 2mm, 2.5mm & 3mm

Heritage Hygienic Environments supply high quality commercial single skin PVC cladding systems which is installed to the highest quality. However, we can offer the product for DIY purposes.

Heritage Hygienic Environments PVC Wall Cladding surfaces are smooth, easy to clean and easily disinfected, and meet Hygiene Regulations in commercial operations.

Heritage Hygienic Environment wall cladding for interiors is supplied in flat uPVC cladding sheets (PP sheets also available) which can cover any new or existing interior wall, with a full range of accessories for fitting and finishing.

Heritage Hygienic PVC Cladding Panels are primarily in white but PVC sheets can also be supplied in pastel blue, green, cream, and grey.

The Heritage Hygienic PVC Cladding System consists of smooth plastic panels of PVC sheet, sizes are 8' x 4' or 10' x 4'.

Each PVC sheet is joined to the next sheet by an 'H' profile joint and usually fitted with a 'J' shaped edge trim over the top and bottom edges.

Edges and joints are secured by drilling through and screwing their wider back sections to the wall.

A bead of silicon is applied as the plastic PVC sheets are slid into place so that each sheet is secured and sealed on all four edges, whilst concealing the fixing screws. The body of the sheets can be further secured to the wall either with 'drive rivets' or with the use of ProClad adhesive (depending on material).

Cleaning - PVC and PP are stable polymers that do not react with many domestic cleaners, however we recommend cleaning with a simple soapy solution.