PVC Wall / Ceiling Planks

Premier/Pro panels are manufactured from food-safe PVC to provide a low-maintenance finish for wall/ceiling areas in hygienically sensitive areas. Panels may be fitted directly to the wall/ceiling substrate or fixed retrospectively to an existing exposed grid system.

Tongue-and-groove jointing guarantees quick and simple installation, and a wipe-clean surface minimises maintenance requirements. Hollow cells within the panels may also help to improve insulation and reduce condensation.

PremierPro PVC panels are watertight and highly resistant to most chemicals. Premier/Pro PVC panels are typically installed where a low maintenance, easy-to-clean, hygienic wall/ceiling finish is required

Premier & Pro 333 panels are twin wall tongue-and-groove panels manufactured from food-safe PVC.


Premier & Pro 333 PVC panels are designed to provide a low-maintenance, hygienic, easy-to-cleanfinish for wall / ceiling areas in hygienically sensitive environments.


The panels have a Class ‘1’ flame spread (per BS476 Part 7) and Class ‘0’ fire propagation* (perBS476 Part 6). * when attached to a non-combustible substrate.

Operational Temperature Range

Panels will perform in temperatures from -30°c (-22°F) to 60°c (140°F).