Stainless Steel & Aluminum

HHE Ltd are specialists in a wide range of Stainless Steel applications, including the design and installation of stainless steel wall kerbing to support composite panels kerbing is designed specifically to meet your individual needs. We have worked in many factories over the years & have a vast amount of experience in this area.

Stainless steel kerbing can be filled with concrete and offers the ultimate finish to a hygienic wall, as well as being a huge time saver it also gives the wall, protection from low level damage. We can provide stainless steel kerbing in both standard and custom-built profiles. Our stainless steel kerbing is manufactured in various gauges, generally from 16swg through to 10swg (however the heavier the gauge the heavier duty). The fully welded Kerbing system ensures no splitting or chipping of the exterior material. This eliminates the potential growth of bacteria providing a subsequently cleaner and safer food environment.

Generally for kerbing projects 304dpi is used however we can also offer 306 dpi, this gives a high resistance to bleaching from cleaning chemicals and acidic processes in the factory. We also offer a complete range of Stainless Steel Fabrications from Bollards to Drains.